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Sales & Service of all types of Desktop Personal branded or assembled Computers. We provide personal computers of leading companies like Lenovo, IBM, HCL, HP, Dell's etc

Industrial Computers, Workstations
Installation of Computer related accessories.
Annual Maintenance Contract.
Best Prices
Support for all types of (branded & assembled) Laptops
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We offer great pricing, and we're dedicated to total customer satisfaction.


​​We provide you with entire range of high end Server hardware solutions including IBM Unix, HP Unix Serves, Sun solaris Server, IBM AIX Server, HP Server, Unix Server, Intel XEON server & Storage devices.

Apart from this we also deal with Intel platform servers and Silicon graphics work stations.  SUN, IBM, HP, COMPAQ, DELL servers, Server Spares, server hard disk drives, server memory, Cisco Routers and Switches.


​Contact us for laptop purchase, repair, upgrade, parts and accessories such as Batteries, Adaptors, Pcmcia cards, CD-rw, RAMs, HDDs, LCDs, etc. Broken body- hinge repair, new hinge fabrication and other technical support services for all brands of laptops. 

We specialize in every brand of laptop repair whether its DELL, IBM , TOSHIBA , 
COMPAQ , HP , ACER etc. All our engineers are fully equipped to solve any problem pertaining to any laptop.

Service of all laptops/ Notebooks at very reasonable charges. Best prices
Support for all types of (branded & assembled) Laptops
Parts, Accessories and all related peripherals and other technical support services for all brands of laptops.